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     Graduation FAQ (English Version)

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    We are happy to announce that we will still be celebrating graduation for the class of 2020 on May 24th; however, our celebration will be entirely virtual.

    To help you better understand how this will look, here are some answers to our frequently asked questions:

    What is a virtual ceremony?

    It is a professionally produced video that will feature all the same speeches and the presentation of graduates that you are used to at an in-person ceremony. All students who are official graduates will have their name called out on the video, with their graduation picture (if available) and a virtual diploma image being shown on the screen.

    Is it a “live” event?

    No, it is not.  This event is being produced right now and will be available to view on May 24th at 10:00 AM.  This means that regardless of the time that the link is sent, you, your family, and friends can view the ceremony whenever they are ready.  You will be able to play, pause, rewind, and fast forward this video to your needs, watching and re-watching as many times as you would like.  Additionally, the link will be shareable, so friends and family near and far can view whenever and however they would like.

    Do you plan to personalize the ceremony for students?

    All seniors should have received an email to their pths209 account with a link to begin building their own personal graduate website.  This link can (and should) be shared to anyone who the graduate feels would like to share a message, picture, or video to celebrate them.  Anyone who has the link will be able to search for the graduate by name and then add their desired message or upload pictures or videos that will be added to this page.  Please see below for some examples to guide you through this process from now until May 24th

    STEP ONE: Use the link to visit the PMSA Graduation Website:


    Grad IMG

    STEP TWO: Begin typing the name of the graduate into the name box and choose the student you are looking to post for.

    STEP THREE: Chose how you would like to honor your grad!  You can type into the box (max 200 characters per message) or upload pictures and/or videos!  When you are finished click “Submit”.

    STEP FOUR: Once you have submitted your message, there is nothing left to do but wait!!! You will NOT be able to view or see your message after posting. Once submitted, your post will make its way to the review site to be checked and approved!


    No submissions will be accepted after this time to allow time for the company to compile the final sites and prepare to send out graduate links to pths209 accounts on May 24th.

    STEP FIVE: Have your student check their PMSA email address on the day of the ceremony!  New, personalized links will be sent out to students on May 24th directing them to a personal page where they can view their graduation and see their personal wall full of messages, pictures.  This link can be copied, pasted, and shared as many times as you would like and to whomever you would like to view the ceremony and personal page!

    *Note: All student pages will feature a video of the FULL graduation ceremony, as well as a separate clip of the moment where the student’s name is called.  This page will be a unique link and will only be seen by people who have that link.  So, in other words, all students will get the same video of the full ceremony but will NOT be able to view or comment on the personal pages of others.  If students would like to share the link to their page with friends or family to have them view their messages, they simply need to share their link out.

    We have worked hard to provide you with the absolute best product, and truly hope that you will find this virtual ceremony to be a personalized, special experience to celebrate your graduate given the current circumstances.

    Still have questions?  Please contact Dr. John Wardisiani, Commencement Director at jwardisiani@pths209.org 


    Graduation Update: 05/04/2020

    Greetings, PMSA students and families-

    Hoping this message finds you well and safe.   The link provided will allow families and friends to provide congratulatory comments for our 2020 seniors. Your pictures and supportive comments will be loaded to the virtual graduation platform. Media uploads will be closed on May 22nd.     All content posted will be reviewed prior to the website launch on May 24th.    The PMSA Virtual Commencement website will be available for six months.     Please feel free to contact me with questions or concerns.



    Dr. Wardisiani
    Commencement Director


    Graduation Update: 05/01/2020

    Greetings, everyone-

    In light of Covid 19, the production of diplomas for the class of 2020 has been delayed.   I have been in frequent contact with our vendors regarding this issue.   Additional information concerning diplomas will be updated on 5/18.  The facility that produces the districts diplomas is observing the stay at home order until 5/18.   At the moment, I cannot be exactly certain when production will resume.  Unfortunately, I sincerely doubt that we will receive our physical diplomas prior to the graduation date of May 24th.   Once the diplomas are received at PMSA, arrangements will be made with student and families to pick–up and /or have delivered via certified mail.

    In addition, D209 faculty and staff are working hard with vendors to develop our virtual ceremony. Students and families will be sent a link on the week of the 18th that will allow the loading of congratulatory comments to our senior students individual virtual account.  However, the completed virtual ceremony will not be viewable until graduation day. The completed platform will be available to students, families and the community on 5/24. 

    The administration and I are grateful for your understanding during this very serious health event connected to our school, community and the world.   Our goal is to keep you updated with information and changes as they present themselves. Please contact me with any questions or concerns.      Go Pythons!


    John Wardisiani Ed.D.
    PMSA Commencement Director


    Graduation Update:  05/01/2020  

    The faculty and staff of PMSA are heartbroken that our traditional end of the year celebration and graduation exercises has changed in light of COVID 19.  In response to the Governors stay at home order and mandated school closures PMSA will employ a virtual graduation platform for the class of 2020.   Its important to mention that if the opportunity presents itself for the faculty, staff and students to celebrate your accomplishments in person every effort will be made.    Unfortunately, until the health crisis has passed, social distancing requirements change any possible dates cannot be provided.  Additional information connected to our virtual graduation ceremony will be communicated when available.  Lastly, on behalf of my colleagues, and myself you are missed!

    John Wardisiani
    Commencement Director



    The COVID-19 health crisis has caused school districts throughout Illinois, and many other areas of the country, to find alternate methods of celebrating the achievements of the Class of 2020. To ensure the health and safety of our students, families and staff, Proviso Township High Schools District 209 will provide an uplifting and celebratory virtual, commencement experience. We are proud of the Class of 2020 and their historic achievement of persevering and completing their high school studies under these difficult conditions. Please understand that this communication is occurring prior to the end of the semester. Therefore, receiving this message is not an indication you have officially completed all graduation requirements. Students are not considered official graduates until all graduation requirements are met and confirmed through receipt of a diploma.